Saturday, September 25, 2010

Valencia 9/24 by Abi Shapiro

A new day has dawned on the RV Heraclitus; an expedition completed, captain departed and expedition chief off on land to the place where the ship was designed effectively leaves this beautiful entity in our hands. Excitement pulsates throughout the ship as we organize ourselves and find our own methods of creating a synergetic flow of energy with which to operate.

Last saturday morning was met with tear filled eyes as we bid farewell to our beloved captain. He was sent off with good tidings and a full stomach, following a magnificent night stuffing ourselves on a gourmet dinner created from the exquisite meats and cheeses of Valencia's Mercado Centrale. Each crew member regaled the Captain with a heartfelt speech to which he responded with kind words and advice of his own. The Evening was concluded at the beach where the wind bid it's own farewell with an unexpected thunderstorm; the rain whipping our faces and lightening striking down around us as we made our way back to the ship was the perfect ending to a glorious chapter aboard the black ship.

The past couple days have consisted of more meetings and list making than we care to admit to, but the results are already shining through. Everyone is settling into their new (and old) roles comfortably, ship work and maintenance has been prioritized, schedules written and food supplied. The lovely crew from the neighboring customs ship continue to greet us warmly and offer their aide (as well as they're prosciutto ham!) and were instrumental in assisting us with setting up shore power this afternoon. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are ready, willing and able to continue in the Heraclitian tradition which so many people have poured their hearts and souls into.

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Dario said...

good luck, my captain.
Good luck to everybody there. I love you all.
Just yesterday I was telling the story of the ship to a lot of Italian travellers. Everybody was amazed and marvelled.
I also met a couple that remembers Eddie, as they met him and they saw the ship in Scotland Bay, in Trinidad and Tobago.