Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voyage from Azores to Tangier, August 18 2010, day 12 by Joan

August 18, 2010
It is now 12 days since we left Horta. Hopefully in 2 ½ to 3 days we will be in Tangier. Today started grey and cold when I came on watch at 0800 hours. By the end of watch at 1200 hours the sun was shining. We have had more cloudy days than sunny ones. The days can be cold with sometimes a force 6 wind blowing at 22-27 knots. Noodle that I am I forgot my sweat pants as well as the pants to my foul weather gear. During the day I wear 3 T-shirts and a hooded sweat shirt. Sometimes I also wear my foul weather jacket with the hoods up of course. Let's not forget my survivor buff. At night it is obviously colder. The little bit of sun that warmed the winds and air is now gone. I bring a blanket on deck with me and wrap myself in it. Jethro an Australian living in the UK calls me "blanket girl". Being American I think I look like an Indian squaw. Juan from Argentina tells me I look like a Bolivian woman.

"Go for it" seems to be the mantra on the ship. It is the response you most often get regardless of what you say or ask. I want to have a coffee. "Go for it". I'm going to take a nap. "Go for it". I'm going to take a shower. "Go for it"

It seems to me that the youth of today use the word "awesome" to freely thereby diluting it's meaning. "I got a new shirt". "That's awesome". "I just saw the new Twilight movie". "That's awesome". Being on deck of the black ship Heraclitus, completely surrounded, 360 degrees by the Atlantic Ocean and the ship is in dead center. The perimeter of this circle is the horizon line. That is as far as you can see. Only the ship that I am on exists. When I look up the sky is completely filled with stars, planets and shooting stars. Yes I made a wish each and every time. Will I tell what the wish was, no of course not? Will it come true?? I'll have to wait and see. It is as if you are swaddled in a blanket of stars. This umbrella of stars, if you will, comes down and tenderly kisses the horizon.
This friend is awesome.

Joan a.k.a. Queenie and Auntie Mame.

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